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a Zambian endeavour


October 19, 2010


The elders are rejoicing! The maize seeds have been delivered and next week I will bring the fertilizer. A new community well has been dug by hand, the cement purchased, a cover soon to be constructed. The well went so deep that we need to devise a pulley system so that the women and children – Read More-

August 23, 2010

Basic Human Needs/Rights

An editorial in Zambia’s national newspaper, The Post, dated Aug 18 2010, commented on the recent National Constitutional Conference, whose purpose was to come up with a constitution for the country that would stand the test of time. The journalist reported that Zambia’s deputy justice minister, described as utopian the demand to include in the – Read More-

August 2, 2010

Mbayi, Musenga – Meeting the Leaders

I’ve had the privilege of meeting the leaders of Mbayi, a village in the region of Musenga. Mbayi is a community of about 2,000 people whose homes are not clustered together, but spread throughout a vast area of bush. In a clearing, the village centre has 3 churches and a school, their condition evidence of – Read More-