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Vegetable and Poultry Project

Mrs. Bubala & her Tasty Chickens
January 28, 2013

Mrs. Bubala—A Success Story

Many of you have heard of Mrs. Bubala . She’s the manager of the Mbayi poultry business (originally funded by Canadians) and known throughout the district for the plump and tasty chickens she raises. Born in Southern Province, Mrs. Bubala married in 1975 and has 9 children, 3 boys and 6 girls. She moved to – Read More-

April 11, 2012

Some Good and Bad News

WOW- look at what they’ve accomplished!!!! Using hoes, axes, shovels and lots of muscle power our stumping team have managed to clear a huge space for the proposed Health Post. We even have a qualified builder, with papers, living in our community who has volunteered his services. Keeping costs to a minimum by utilizing their – Read More-

December 1, 2011

Chicken Adventure

After an inauspicious start … 7am, in the bush, travelling to collect the chickens for market – a puncture! Disappointed, anticipating the delay and resulting loss of sales, I was dismayed to discover that there weren’t any tools in the vehicle to change the tire. Now, we’re in the bush, far from a main road, – Read More-

November 4, 2011

Agriculture – On the Go!

We’ve had some early rain and farmers are being cautioned not to plant yet, not until it has been established that the rainy season is truly underway. The maize (corn) has been purchased ( thanks so much to all of you who helped – we’ve met this year’s maize fund raising goal!!! ) and delivered, – Read More-

April 11, 2011

Much to Celebrate!

There was jubilation – wide smiles, clapping and cheering – as we gathered in our usual meeting place – so much to celebrate! The council of Chingola, without delay, had approved our application to be formally registered as a club, named Hands of Sharing, Mbayi (as we share with them, they also share with the – Read More-

April 1, 2011

Chickens – SOLD OUT!

We did it – first try! 200 chickens raised in less than ideal conditions and they thrived! Repeatedly, we heard the words ‘you did this without electricity?’. People were astounded at such an accomplishment from the poor, remote Mbayi and some even asked to come and see for themselves and to learn. In order to – Read More-

March 3, 2011

Everything’s Growing!

Unlike some areas in Zambia where maize crops are experiencing water stress due to a dry spell, our maize, here in the Copperbelt, is benefiting from sufficient rainfall, has passed the critical flowering stage, and continues to grow tall and strong as we head towards harvest in May. The chicks are now 3 weeks old, – Read More-

February 16, 2011

It’s a Dream Come True!

That’s what the women were saying as they excitedly accepted delivery of 200 chicks for the start of their very own poultry business. The first day was filled with a mixture of hard work and exuberance until by the light of kerosene lamps, with chicks bedded down on wood shavings covered with newspaper, kept cozily – Read More-

November 2, 2010

More Blessings

“if you have faith as small as a mustard seed … Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20). This mission in Zambia is definitely a walk of faith! I, alone, do not have the resources to accomplish the tasks before me. I have no idea which hearts God will touch to respond to the – Read More-

October 5, 2010


I give thanks to God for this mission in Zambia. I’m far from family and friends, and lonely for sure, but the opportunity to serve, with your help, the people of Mbayi is such a blessing. It’s only been two months but we are off to an amazing start! With our help: The schoolchildren, who – Read More-

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