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February 15, 2015

About Busy

In North America we live in a fast paced world and so we tend to exalt “BUSY.” We are fascinated by the ability of some who manage to juggle many balls in the air all at once—labelled tasks, expectations, responsibilities, obligations. We applaud the “busy bees” in our lives as they flit to and fro – Read More-

December 11, 2014

Four Years and Counting . . .

Four years ago, called by God, I began my journey to a remote village in Mbayi, Zambia.  Together with the inhabitants and with the help of Canadians, a number of initiatives were started which dramatically improved the lives of people living in this impoverished community as well as the nearby city of Chingola: started an – Read More-

June 21, 2012

Project Report: Maize Crop

Summary Objective Supplement the needs of the most disadvantaged in Mbayi with a sustainable maize crop. Cost $1,000 in the first year. $2,000 in the second year. Funding Status Complete   The Details Upon arriving in Mbayi one is first struck by the desperation for food. With little money it is difficult to purchase seed, – Read More-

April 11, 2012

Some Good and Bad News

WOW- look at what they’ve accomplished!!!! Using hoes, axes, shovels and lots of muscle power our stumping team have managed to clear a huge space for the proposed Health Post. We even have a qualified builder, with papers, living in our community who has volunteered his services. Keeping costs to a minimum by utilizing their – Read More-

March 15, 2012

Excitement in Mbayi

Stumping, planting, receiving – there’s a real buzz throughout Mbayi! Tuesdays and Thursdays have become stumping days. Keen to prepare the area allocated for our very own Health Post, a vigorous bunch of volunteers are clearing land and I’m pleased to be helping by providing, each day, a meal cooked for the workers out in – Read More-

December 14, 2011

Guest Professionals Bring Help to Mbayi

A month or so ago as I was walking through a part of Chingola that I don’t normally frequent, I noticed a new World Vision sign and decided to go on in and introduce myself. Wondering if we could partner somehow to the benefit of Mbayi, I found out that this particular branch, called Harmos, – Read More-

December 1, 2011

Chicken Adventure

After an inauspicious start … 7am, in the bush, travelling to collect the chickens for market – a puncture! Disappointed, anticipating the delay and resulting loss of sales, I was dismayed to discover that there weren’t any tools in the vehicle to change the tire. Now, we’re in the bush, far from a main road, – Read More-

October 10, 2011

So Much Happening …

Well … the week starting 19th September when Malo, my son, was doing a blog makeover and reporting on the great success of the fundraiser (complete with photos – wish I could have been there – it looked like lots of fun!) I was locked in my home because on Sept. 20th Zambia voted. It – Read More-

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