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a Zambian endeavour


Love from Carolyn
June 20, 2013

Guest Post: Love by Carolyn Dyck

Love is the answer Love will find a way When we love one another It’s a brighter day — Chris Tomlin, “Love” Love was the singing and dancing that greeted our team of 6 as we entered the site for the Health Post. Love was the look in Wendy’s eyes as she hugged the people of the – Read More-

3,244 blocks!!!
June 5, 2013

Guest Post: Some Thoughts by John Ghent

Zambians from the village of Mbayi and Canadians from Ontario worked side by side making blocks (bricks) from ant hill soil to construct a Health Post. It was a community experience with women hauling well water from a distance and men shovelling earth and pounding soil into moulds to make blocks. After 8 days over – Read More-

Howard pounding soil from ant hill (on the left) into a mould
June 4, 2013

Guest Post: Contemplating by Howard Jung

It was the eve of our departure to Mbayi and I felt droplets of rain, almost as if the sky was sending us a warning of more to come. We all felt it—a light sprinkling—to which Wendy stated flatly, “Rain means poverty.” As those words sank in, I began to realize, I’m entering a world – Read More-

Lucy with her new mattress
March 2, 2013

Saying Some Goodbyes

Last week Mbayi community experienced the loss of two of our seniors. They were neighbours and good friends, often found together relaxing and chatting in the shade after early morning chores. Lucy, 83, was the first to pass away, peacefully on Sunday morning, and Fly, 92, after hearing this followed her the very next day. – Read More-

February 23, 2012

A Month With Malo

My son Malo is gone :^(. But we’ve made wonderful memories that will sustain me as I miss him in the weeks to come.In Mbayi we all enjoyed his genial presence and many contributions. Everyone, sorry to see him go, appreciated his visit and urged him to return. With him he brought precious caps for – Read More-

October 28, 2011

Independence Day

On Oct. 24th 2011 Zambia celebrated its 47th year of independence. The new president Michael Sata in his address to the nation said ” We celebrate our liberty and freedom from the shackles of colonialism – freedom from oppression that we suffered at the hands of our colonial masters. ” Liberty for Zambians, however, has – Read More-

July 14, 2011

It’s Been A YEAR!!!!!

I can’t believe it! A year (today! and arrived in Zambia on the Saturday) has passed since I tearfully bid farewell to family and friends (Malo and Susan stayed with me ’til the last second) and embarked on an adventure with God in Zambia. Moving alone, into a different culture, a foreign land has been quite – Read More-

June 9, 2011

Like Little House?

After dark (that’s around 7 here) can be, for me, the most challenging time of the day – too weary to read, not ready to sleep, and no tv (CNN) to fill in the gap. Fortunately, I have a laptop and some DVDs. Rushing last year (I can’t believe it’s almost been a year!) to – Read More-

May 26, 2011

Consequences Of Poverty

Remember the boy with malaria, the one I wrapped in my jacket and took to the clinic? Well,his name is Gilbert, and I count 3 times this year that he has been treated for malaria. I recall one time when he even went into convulsions! A few weeks ago I discovered that 7 year old – Read More-