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Mrs. Bubala & her Tasty Chickens
January 28, 2013

Mrs. Bubala—A Success Story

Many of you have heard of Mrs. Bubala . She’s the manager of the Mbayi poultry business (originally funded by Canadians) and known throughout the district for the plump and tasty chickens she raises. Born in Southern Province, Mrs. Bubala married in 1975 and has 9 children, 3 boys and 6 girls. She moved to – Read More-

Wendy's Stars
August 27, 2012

Football & Hope

Many in Zambia are worried about the plight of youth. First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba has recently expressed her concerns regarding this young demographic. From the street children of the towns and cities to those in remote villages, youth are idle, not by choice but because of circumstances. Sixty percent of Zambians live in poverty, – Read More-

May 4, 2012

Women Take Action

A new group has emerged in Mbayi – the Mbayi Women’s Club and I’m so pleased with an invitation to be part of the heartfelt plans this group of women are making. They caught my attention with a focus on caring for the chronically ill, seniors and orphans in their community. And I absolutely loved – Read More-