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Health Post

August 17, 2013

Health Post Bricks—All Set to Go!

This month marks my third anniversary in Mbayi. Many positive changes have come about during this time but the lack of medical care remains an ongoing concern. George Lufunda, Chairman of Mbayi, while pleading for a Health Post (small clinic) has been known to exclaim—“We have suffered for too long!”. Many have died untimely deaths – Read More-

3,244 blocks!!!
June 5, 2013

Guest Post: Some Thoughts by John Ghent

Zambians from the village of Mbayi and Canadians from Ontario worked side by side making blocks (bricks) from ant hill soil to construct a Health Post. It was a community experience with women hauling well water from a distance and men shovelling earth and pounding soil into moulds to make blocks. After 8 days over – Read More-

Howard pounding soil from ant hill (on the left) into a mould
June 4, 2013

Guest Post: Contemplating by Howard Jung

It was the eve of our departure to Mbayi and I felt droplets of rain, almost as if the sky was sending us a warning of more to come. We all felt it—a light sprinkling—to which Wendy stated flatly, “Rain means poverty.” As those words sank in, I began to realize, I’m entering a world – Read More-

And We Are Ready
May 10, 2013

They Are in the Air—And We Are Ready!

Stay tuned as the Canadian Team launches the construction of a Health Post in Mbayi. Watch us mould bricks from giant ant hills!!! And so much more…

April 11, 2012

Some Good and Bad News

WOW- look at what they’ve accomplished!!!! Using hoes, axes, shovels and lots of muscle power our stumping team have managed to clear a huge space for the proposed Health Post. We even have a qualified builder, with papers, living in our community who has volunteered his services. Keeping costs to a minimum by utilizing their – Read More-

March 15, 2012

Excitement in Mbayi

Stumping, planting, receiving – there’s a real buzz throughout Mbayi! Tuesdays and Thursdays have become stumping days. Keen to prepare the area allocated for our very own Health Post, a vigorous bunch of volunteers are clearing land and I’m pleased to be helping by providing, each day, a meal cooked for the workers out in – Read More-

December 14, 2011

Guest Professionals Bring Help to Mbayi

A month or so ago as I was walking through a part of Chingola that I don’t normally frequent, I noticed a new World Vision sign and decided to go on in and introduce myself. Wondering if we could partner somehow to the benefit of Mbayi, I found out that this particular branch, called Harmos, – Read More-

September 9, 2011

Our Health Post – Step 1

Over the past year I’ve transported many seriously ill people to the Chambishi Health Clinic, some who are alive today because they made it just in time. Receiving medical attention at the onset of illness would have, in each case, minimized much suffering but for most the distance is prohibitive. When I’m feeling sick I – Read More-