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a Zambian endeavour

Guest Post

Love from Carolyn
June 20, 2013

Guest Post: Love by Carolyn Dyck

Love is the answer Love will find a way When we love one another It’s a brighter day — Chris Tomlin, “Love” Love was the singing and dancing that greeted our team of 6 as we entered the site for the Health Post. Love was the look in Wendy’s eyes as she hugged the people of the – Read More-

3,244 blocks!!!
June 5, 2013

Guest Post: Some Thoughts by John Ghent

Zambians from the village of Mbayi and Canadians from Ontario worked side by side making blocks (bricks) from ant hill soil to construct a Health Post. It was a community experience with women hauling well water from a distance and men shovelling earth and pounding soil into moulds to make blocks. After 8 days over – Read More-

Howard pounding soil from ant hill (on the left) into a mould
June 4, 2013

Guest Post: Contemplating by Howard Jung

It was the eve of our departure to Mbayi and I felt droplets of rain, almost as if the sky was sending us a warning of more to come. We all felt it—a light sprinkling—to which Wendy stated flatly, “Rain means poverty.” As those words sank in, I began to realize, I’m entering a world – Read More-