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a Zambian endeavour


September 13, 2012


Many of you have commented that it must take great courage to relocate to a land where one knows not a soul and very little about the culture and lifestyle. Let me share with you how my ‘leap of faith’ has been blessed with a young man called Presley. From the outset Presley, a young – Read More-

December 14, 2011

Guest Professionals Bring Help to Mbayi

A month or so ago as I was walking through a part of Chingola that I don’t normally frequent, I noticed a new World Vision sign and decided to go on in and introduce myself. Wondering if we could partner somehow to the benefit of Mbayi, I found out that this particular branch, called Harmos, – Read More-

December 1, 2011

Chicken Adventure

After an inauspicious start … 7am, in the bush, travelling to collect the chickens for market – a puncture! Disappointed, anticipating the delay and resulting loss of sales, I was dismayed to discover that there weren’t any tools in the vehicle to change the tire. Now, we’re in the bush, far from a main road, – Read More-

October 22, 2011

Caring for the Babies

A few weeks ago I hired a van ( there were too many to fit in the back of the pickup ) in order to transport a group of moms and babies to the Chambishi Clinic for inoculations. What fun it was for them to travel in such style and comfort ( instead of walking – Read More-

June 23, 2011

Moms Helping Mamies

Early in March I was delightfully surprised to receive an email from a woman I have never met. She and my friend Lennie, who had lost touch since high school, turned up at the same bible study at the exact time she was forming a moms’ group and pondering the execution of an international project. – Read More-

September 8, 2010

Canada meets Australia

Sau, the tech wiz at the internet cafe thoughtfully introduced me to a missionary from Australia doing similar work – but he’s been at it for 2 years. He let me tag along for a day and I sponged up lots of valuable info! I now know all about poultry production, including how to build – Read More-

August 31, 2010

My Collaborators

Last week, due to a CMML five day conference, I lost my partner/translator/driver Edwin (who was a major organizer of this event) for the week and could not get out to Mbayi. In my absence I know the women have been germinating seeds and the men making bricks to build housing for the chickens. I – Read More-