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Wendy Bourgon

February 15, 2015

About Busy

In North America we live in a fast paced world and so we tend to exalt “BUSY.” We are fascinated by the ability of some who manage to juggle many balls in the air all at once—labelled tasks, expectations, responsibilities, obligations. We applaud the “busy bees” in our lives as they flit to and fro – Read More-

December 11, 2014

Four Years and Counting . . .

Four years ago, called by God, I began my journey to a remote village in Mbayi, Zambia.  Together with the inhabitants and with the help of Canadians, a number of initiatives were started which dramatically improved the lives of people living in this impoverished community as well as the nearby city of Chingola: started an – Read More-

Samuel and his Tools
November 5, 2014

Samuel—A Youth Empowered

I introduced you to Samuel a few years ago, a young man, orphaned as an infant and raised by his grandmother. At that time he was looking after her as best he could in such a poverty stricken environment. He was, and is, an ambitious and hard working lad. When his grandmother died I asked – Read More-

Holy Communion
May 11, 2014

An Easter Time Feast

Shortly after Easter (the rain was very heavy this Rainy Season and the mornings so cool it has been difficult to get people out to our meeting place, hence the delay) we had a party, the Mamies and Grandmamies. Some of the women walk for several hours every Tuesday to meet with me and each – Read More-

A store for Getrude
February 24, 2014

Getrude Gets a Store

Getrude is a very hard working woman. Whenever there is a job to be done she is first in line to volunteer. A leader on our Neighbourhood Health Committee, she comes to town for meetings at the Kabundi Clinic to arrange things such as a mobile under 5 health clinic, to visit our remote Mbayi – Read More-

Apiculture Training Session
November 21, 2013

Beekeeping—A Way to Generate Income and Conserve Forests

Poverty offers few options. So for many years villagers in Mbayi have turned to charcoal burning (making and selling charcoal) as a means of survival, a way to combat the repeating occurrence of hunger which dominates their lives. Unfortunately this rather easy solution has caused deforestation in the area. One of the ways the Zambian – Read More-

Serving Gleaners Vegetable Soup Mix
October 12, 2013

Feeding Hungry School Children

Recently little Moses fainted at school because he hadn’t eaten in several days. Hunger is rampant in Mbayi. Children who walk long distances to school with empty tummies have little energy to concentrate in class. Poor nutrition is affecting their mental development. Hit hard by the incident with Moses and concerned about the plight of – Read More-

August 17, 2013

Health Post Bricks—All Set to Go!

This month marks my third anniversary in Mbayi. Many positive changes have come about during this time but the lack of medical care remains an ongoing concern. George Lufunda, Chairman of Mbayi, while pleading for a Health Post (small clinic) has been known to exclaim—“We have suffered for too long!”. Many have died untimely deaths – Read More-

Love from Carolyn
June 20, 2013

Guest Post: Love by Carolyn Dyck

Love is the answer Love will find a way When we love one another It’s a brighter day — Chris Tomlin, “Love” Love was the singing and dancing that greeted our team of 6 as we entered the site for the Health Post. Love was the look in Wendy’s eyes as she hugged the people of the – Read More-

3,244 blocks!!!
June 5, 2013

Guest Post: Some Thoughts by John Ghent

Zambians from the village of Mbayi and Canadians from Ontario worked side by side making blocks (bricks) from ant hill soil to construct a Health Post. It was a community experience with women hauling well water from a distance and men shovelling earth and pounding soil into moulds to make blocks. After 8 days over – Read More-

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